Stupid Pandas Go Postal After Licking Lesbian Robot Asses

I recently noticed that wordpress compiles a list of the most common search terms used to find my blog. It lists the terms along with a number denoting how many times my blog was found using that term. Here are some of my favourites:

In first place:

pandas are stupid 46

I like that at least 46 of you are in agreement with me.

In second place:

how to rate women 32

32 of you are right to take this issue seriously and give it the research it deserves.

In third place:

guy fucks panda bear 22

If somebody would like to fill me in on this ‘guy fucks panda bear’ story I’d really appreciate it. I’m running on the assumption this was a popular news article and not just a twenty two very strange individuals searching for obscene panda pornography.

Fourth place goes to the people asking the deepest of all the questions:

who invented bacon 15

Me. I invented bacon. Next question.

Fifth place:

short stories lesbian robot 10

Not sure how my blog is becoming a haunt for people looking for futuristic lesbian robot erotica but I can’t say I’m complaining as it’s an interesting demographic to have captured.

In sixth place is the guy who has decided it’s time to share his grievances with his work colleagues:

how to go postal 1

In joint seventh place are the curious entries regarding robot lesbian asses and licking them:

robot’s lesbian ass 1
sexy hot lesbian robot ass 1
licking lesbian robot’s ass 1
robot ass lesbien 1

There were also about 1k unknown search terms used to find my blog. I can only assume those terms followed a similar trend of requests for lesbian robot asses.

Have a nice day you ass licking, panda hating, woman rating, lesbian robot aficionados.



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I'm Tyler Morgan I run 'The Man Cave' along with Rex, when he can be bothered to get out of bed before 1pm in the afternoon that is...
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1 Response to Stupid Pandas Go Postal After Licking Lesbian Robot Asses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog (link from freind, not google) and actually laughed out loud when reading how people find you :D

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